Welcome to TransformationHelp.org.  Instead of us telling you who we are, read the comments below from the people we serve.

     In 2010, we will focus our efforts on teaching personal transformation classes to 19-25 year olds who are in prison.  In 2008 and 2009 we focused on teaching personal transformation classes in youth prisons (15-19 year olds).  We administer surveys after every class.  This is what the youth had to say about our efforts in the last two years:


Selected 2009 Class Survey Responses

Thank you for helping me quit smoking cigs. I could not have done it without your groups. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for spending your time on teaching us life skills. They have help'd me in realizing my need for change and have help'd me in changing.

I hope if I do this I can change to so I can help my family better but mostly myself to. Thank you.

Hopefully I'll be able to change my life someday using the lessons I learned in your classes

Thanks.  I appreciate what you do for us and starting to take this for granted and your groups are very inspiring.  Looking forward to next week.

I think this class taught me a lot and I think it was hard for the instructor to grow up around violence and that stuff is way hard to grow up around and I also grew up around the same thing

Thank you for coming and sharing your life story with us and I would recommend this class to people

You are an example that people can succeed

Makes you look more into the future. Good class.

Good session man. Keep it up.

Interesting and relatable

The class was very much worth my time. Thank you for caring about us.

Got me thinking a lot

Thank you very much. I'm going home with a lot better morals in my life.


Selected 2008 Class Survey Responses

Thanks for coming by and teaching us through your life experiences. I think it will really help me through my rehabilitation process.

Thanks for taking your time to try and help us when other people usual give up on us.

I feel like I can relate really well. And I like how it is not based on religion

I think I have already started myself for change. Just always get scared or discouraged when I think about past or going back to my home and friends - just negativity. So what I am saying is like it feels sort of like a sign that you came just to give me help and just stuff to help.

I liked the class. It has a lot of meaning because it's real life experiences so he knows what he's talking about. You did a good job with the presentation. Thanks for sharing your life experience - that takes a lot.

 I think the instructors way cool. I can kinda see where he's coming from cause I've had some really messed up times back in my day. And I think its cool that he's here and talking to us about it. Cause a lot of people wouldn't dare to share there background with us. I like this class it's really cool. It's something we can all relate to in a way. "I think it's tight."

I really like your enthusiasm! Keep it up. Thanks

Excellent. Life Changing

I've been in classes like this with instructors who have never seen a sack of weed or touched a cigarette. It helps a lot knowing someone with real experience is saying this and saying change is possible. If you didn't have real experience I wouldn't have even listened.

This class inspired me to at least try and stop smoking cigarettes. I think the picture you gave me of the diseased lung will help. Thank you for taking time out of your life to try and help us. Thanks a lot.

I like the personal stories you share. It really relates to me and helps me understand better.

Good job and keep helping people out that are going through the same thing

Thanks for coming it means a lot you coming on your own time to volunteer to make our lives better.

Thank you for another helpful class. This will benefit me in the process of turning my life around. Thanks again!

Wish you could explain the values and believe in your self systems to my brother.

I wish I was able to attend all your classes. While I was here they were very informing and very useful. Thank you so much. Keep using factual examples (i.e. stats, Mekong discussion). Very interesting and easy to relate subject to! Thanks

Good job on the lesson and keep your teaching, because it has inspired me to change my ways and my actions

Thank you and totally agree that it’s the environment that your in that reacts on how you react

The class has helped me realize how your environment can impact your decisions

Thank for your time. It means so much to me that you care :)

Keep up the good work dawg